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Karin Fischnaller


    What to do with your spare kidney? On one hand, we face a worldwide kidney shortage due to increasing diabetes, high blood pressure and growing waiting lists. On the other hand there is a kidney overflow—they all are simply stored in all human bodies. How do we get them out?

    The website shows four donation models, some of them don’t exist yet, but they are all based on existing organ donation models—some we have more twisted and tweaked than others. What different organ donation models are available and what moralities do they represent? What to do with your spare kidney?


    What happens if time passes and nobody is there? The time writer prints time and shows presence, linked to the thermal paper unintentionally used as timestamp to document, copy or proof a certain moment.

    Approaching the object, speed and precision increase according to the timezone in which you are detected. Besides that, when starting the machine, it prints the log file of the project’s process.


    How do you express in theatre? A new identity for actors school in Munich, Germany.


    We currently create a platform to provide people with the opportunity to share their stories and thoughts about meeting people from other countries and cultures, especially refugees. The foreign causes fear as long as it remains unfamiliar. Our aim is to use our capabilities of our mixed team made up of designers, lawyers and thinkers to fight against racism and xenophobia.

    #nicetomeetyou gives you a chance to evaluate your views after new experiences and contacts. Everyone is invited to post a story and to speak up!

  • What designers do

    What do communication designers actually do? How do they spend their time on an average workday? How do they develop ideas?

    This research project looks at the divergence between the designer’s self-perception and the perception of others about designers. It shows both views at the same time: an interior view from the designer’s perspective and an exterior view from the non-designer’s perspective. Where do these views collide and where do the opinions converge? What do they expect from each other?